Sunday, February 22, 2015


I am really excited to share that I have decided to open my own crafting business. I named it "Finally Home Crafts' because I am finally able to stay home to take care of my kids. It took me several years and lots of gentle (OK not so gentle nudging) to make the plunge and give up my teaching job. No regrets but it was definitely a very scary step both financially and emotionally!!!

Anyhow back to my announcement....Finally Home Crafts can be found here on Facebook. I offer customized and themed vinyl items such as plates, wine glasses, and acrylic tumblers. I am also making paper products - home decor, gift items, cards, etc...

I found this jar at Target and just knew it was calling out for vinyl. I added the chevron on top and the saying around it. The full saying is "When all else fails eat chocolate."

If you are interested you can find my projects on my Facebook page and local craft fairs. I will be attending a craft fair Saturday March 14 from 1-7pm at the Joyce Hanks Community Center in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. 

As always thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!!!

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