Sunday, March 4, 2012

Faith Goals 2012 - The Journey Starts...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my major goals this year is to grow closer to our Lord. In my journey to accomplish that I have set up goals to keep me focused on doing that.  I purchased the beautiful Faith Goals kit from Dawn at Faithfully Yours store but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to use it. 

Then last weekend at a crop, a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and I spent much of our time scrapping and chatting mostly about our faith. As a result of those conversations, she suggested that I set up my journal in a monthly manner and I knew that was my answer.

My first instinct was to create all the monthly dividers right away so they were ready to go. I had already decided that instead of One Little Word for the whole year ala Ali Edwards; I would go month by month. I am letting the Lord show me the way on this. So my plan now is to create the month's divider and layouts the following month. (Hope that makes sense). I do my daily Bible Study on good old fashioned notebook paper so it works great to pop open my binder and put the month's study pages in there. Then I can look through them, pray, reflect and create LO's about the word of the month as lead by the Lord.

My word for January was Grace It was originally my One Little Word until God pointed me in a different direction for February hence my new approach.  Here is my divider I created yesterday for January.  I will keep reflecting and listening to the Lord about this word and add to the section throughout the year.

February's word came to me a little differently. I thought it would be surrender but then as I read through all the verses that the Lord had me study in February, I knew it was Strength - not in myself but from and in Him.  I'll be working on that divider next.

At this point my March word, appears to be humility but again I will wait and see how the Lord leads me!!

The Faith Goals kit has already helped me to document my faith journey for the year of 2012 in a very doable way. Not to mention the papers are gorgeous. It comes in a Kraft colored binder which I have still not decorated but that will come with time.  Dawn has also created all of the papers in digital format as well!! :-)

I am so excited to have reconnected with Dawn and Faithfully Yours which is much more than just a store. It is an incredible resource of ideas for including your faith in your daily scrapbooks, creating a faith book and wonderful devotional thoughts. You can also find some wonderful conversation and support taking place in the Facebook group and I invite you to join us there. 

I am really looking forward to my year of building my relationship with God and learning how to make sure my life focuses on "thy will be done" rather than my will be done!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your week ahead is filled with many blessings!!

Blessings and Hugs,


  1. This is such a fantastic project. I think perhaps I will give it a try myself -- thank you so much for sharing it here. I'm not really into paper scrapping personally, but this will also work well with my digital projects. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, beautiful and now I am following you here at your blog! I so want to get the Kit! As soon as I get the meantime I am enjoying all of the Faithfully Yours inspiring posts and fellowship on Facebook! Thanks for sharing!