Monday, December 26, 2011

Sharing some homemade gifts

Happy Day After Christmas!! I hope everyone had the most fabulous day ever!!

This was a wonderful Christmas in our house. Last week my 10 yr. old announced that kids at school were telling her there was no Santa but she didn't believe them. She just knows there has to be a Santa. Her reasoning went like this - "Mom, there is NO WAY you could stay up that late or get up that early to put out presents and not be crabby on Christmas day. And you are NEVER crabby on Christmas!!" I will treasure that thinking forever!!

Ours was great even if it did start at 2:15am!! Yes my 10 year old couldn't sleep any longer since Santa had come and she was dying to open presents. She would come into my room every 15 minutes and announce she couldn't sleep.  My 7 yr old woke at 4:15am and we opened presents. Needless to say we were all in bed at 8PM!! I have to say even though I was exhausted, I really enjoyed the excitement my 10 yr old showed for Santa!! It made this a very special Christmas!!

I figured I would share a few of my Christmas gifts I made for my girls teachers. Since Natalie had a list of 7 people to make gifts for, I'll just share a few at a time!! 

These gifts all used the same template from My Time Made Easy - Keep It. There's whole other story about my creating these gifts that I'll share later this week. On with the gifts -

I made this one for the secretary at Natalie's school. She is a card maker so I set it up as a card organizer and address card organizer. I also threw in a notepad!!

This is the one I made for Kendra's homeroom teacher.  I filled it with a notepads, note cards, and other general teacher supplies.
 Cards and notepads included above.

This is the organizer I made for Kendra's second teacher. She has a team of 2 teacher this year.

The cards and note pads I included in her box.

   Template - My Time Made Easy - Keep It
    Stamps from the following companies - Unity, Just Rite, Papertrey, {ippity}

Thanks so much for coming by!! 
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Lovely projects, Melissa! Glad to hear you all got to bed early.


  2. Wow, Melissa, these are great. I'll be they loved them.