Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few thoughts....

Nothing crafty for today, but I have been wanting to share a bit of my Faith Journey here on my blog. 

I set a goal at the beginning of the year that I would have quiet time EVERY morning with the Lord. It was not just going to be reading a devotional or a scripture verse but to write a reflection as well. I know that for me if I don't sit and write out the thoughts then I don't really think about it. For the most part, I have reached that goal. I am finding God is reaching out to me and teaching me so much during this time spent reading and studying His Word. However, He has also shown me that it's not just about reading and learning His Word but about living it. 

The other day this was the Bible verse in my Daily Devotional Reading - 
 Philippians 2:13
 "For it is God who works in you to will and act according to good purpose.

I use the Life Application NIV version of the Bible which has helped me to not only better understand scripture but to also put it in context. I read through the notes on this verse which basically stated that I need to submit completely to God and allow Him to work in me to make the changes that HE wants made.

Here was my reflection on this verse -

Many times in my life with many things(spiritual, physical, and mental) i have been good at reading and learning about what I should do and change. I have done that so often in my walk with God and still do. I have come to realize that I take in all these shoulds and try make all these changes at once. This of course leads me to being overwhelmed and then I give up and do nothing but find something new to read and learn about only making the situation ,worse. This morning God told me to work on one area and only one area at a time. For today He told me to be gentle and kind in my tone of voice and words that I say to others. So that's 
what I am going to do!!!

The best part of the whole day was at night, when I realized that God had been right there with me all day. He helped me to speak to others in my life with kind and gentle words all day. I know for some that may come naturally but I know one of my personal struggles is with being short-tempered. It is something I will continue to work on letting God create the change in me!!

Thanks for coming by!! I hope to find time to share more of my journey!!

Many Blessings and Hugs,

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  1. Melissa, thanks for sharing this with us. Blessings, Julia